We are affiliated to Appco Group PLC, world's number one face-to-face marketing company Suppliers they supplying us the clients in 22 different countries. Last year alone they acquired 8 million new customers worldwide creating over $ 5 billion of new revenue for their clients, establishing the fact that word of mouth is the number one method of connecting clients to customers.

We are passionate about our business, about our people, about our results and passionate about the clients we represent.

Our organisation is upbeat, progressive and enthusiastic and what’s more we have visionary leaders who certainly know how to have fun, motivate, inspire and create a genuine buzz around everything we do!

Engaging, dynamic, influential and with massive impact this is how we, at The Krishna Worldwide Organisation, would describe the tailor made marketing campaigns we provide for the clients we represent.

Clients are always searching for the most cost effective way of increasing brand awareness and creating lasting results – this is exactly what the “Human Commercials” deliver. Our campaigns are memorable, meaningful and measurable with first class execution and a focus on tip top customer service and satisfaction.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our system that the companies we represent only pay us for results and nothing more. This creates a no risk, win-win situation for the clients – every other service we provide is free.

The typical client organisation we work with is aiming to

• Increase sales
• Generate New Business
• Increase Brand Awareness
• Focus their resources where they will get maximum results
We provide all this and more through our word of mouth marketing campaigns delivered by an enthusiastic, committed and professional team.

We recognise that each client has its own individual needs and requires a unique solution: No two clients are the same, no two campaigns are the same, no two presentations are the same so we love being unique – to every marketing campaign.

Our company concept has been to fuse an outstanding marketing technique with incredible career opportunities for our team – and what an explosive combination it has been, creating masses of success stories across the globe.

Direct marketing is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world and we already have over 2 years experience at the forefront of this industry, we intend to stay there by continuing to deliver amazing results for the clients we represent and fantastic career opportunities for our people.

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